予定を表す「be slated to」の意味と使い方



be slated to の意味


be slated to」の意味は「~する予定である」や「~することになっている」です。


意味的には「be scheduled to」や「be supposed to」などとほぼ同じですが、「be slated to」は主にアメリカで使われます。



また、「be slated for 日付」のように使うこともできます。



Game time is slated for 5:00.




be slated to の例文


Theme park in Aichi Prefecture is slated to open in fall 2023.




The building is slated to be converted an apartment.




That building is slated to be demolished within a few weeks.




Our websites are slated to launch next week.




The story is slated to finish in 2 more seasons.




He is slated to star in the next Terminator movie.




The Book is slated for a Feb. 2022 release.