例文で見る find と find out の違い。「分かる」になるのはどんな時?


find」と「find out」の意味と使い方、そしてその違いは混乱しがちです。


そこで、「find」と「find out」の違いを例文を交えてみていこうと思います。



find と find out の意味と違い






・「find out」は「知る」や「分かる









find の意味と使い方








find の例文


I found a job.




I found an empty seat.




I found a smartphone in the parking lot.




Did you find your wallet?




I can't find the car keys.




Many people cannot find work.




Where did you find him?




Where can I find her?





I have to find somewhere to put this Christmas tree.




Researchers are hoping to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.




You'll find my chopsticks in the left-hand drawer.




find out の意味と使い方


find out」を日本語にすると「知る」や「分かる」です。


find out about ~」の形で「~について知る / 分かる」と言うこともでき、後ろには何らかの情報が入ります。


こちらは that節wh名詞節と組み合わせて使われることも多いです。


find out の例文


I finally found out the answer to the question.




How did you find out about her?




I need to find out who did this.




I found out how to write this kanji.




How did you find out where I live?




I found out that I was 5 years younger than him.




if you want to find out more about our work, please contact us.




How did you find out about the party?







・「find out」は情報などを「知る」「分かる」

・「find out about ~」で「~について知る / 分かる」