「of some kind」の意味と使い方。「some kind of」との違いは?



of some kind の意味と使い方


of some kind」の意味は「何らかの」です。




of some kind の例文


We need an answer of some kind.





It was a criminal of some kind.





He needs help of some kind.





Why don't we get a pet of some kind?





The walls need a protective coating of some kind.





some kind of の意味と使い方


似たような言葉に「some kind of」があります。


意味的には「of some kind」とほぼ同じです。







名詞の後ろに置かれるのが「of some kind」


名詞の前に置かれるのが「some kind of」



some kind of の例文


They need some kind of help.





Is this some kind of magic?





She is some kind of consultant.





I want him to find some kind of answer.





I think it's some kind of food.







・「of some kind」の意味は「何らかの」



・「some kind of」は意味的には「of some kind」とほぼ同じ

・「some kind of」は名詞の前に置かれる