rain down on の意味 【使い方を例文で】




rain down on の意味と使い方


rain down on ~」の意味は「(物などが)~に降り注ぐ」です。




rain down on の例文


Broken glass rained down on me.




Cannonballs rained down on the city.




So many Pooh bears rained down on the ice.




The radiation that would rain down on Earth would destroy our ozone layer.




Comet’s dust trail could rain down on Venus this December



[As bombs rain down on Myanmar's hotbeds of rural resistance, tens of thousands flee to the jungle without food or water]

In Myanmar people are forming their own militias to protect their towns against the military. This town put up the fiercest fight - CNN



このように、「主語が on 以下に降り注ぐ」という使い方をします。