「be taken in by」の意味と使い方。「be taken by」との違いに注意!




be taken in by の意味と使い方


be taken in by ~」の意味は「(主語が)~に騙される」です。



I was taken in by her.





She was taken in by a scam artist.





Don't be taken in by the misinformation.





I cannot make out why you were taken in by such a transparent lie.




(引用: ALL IN ONE 例文291一部抜粋)



"It dawned on me that I had been taken in by Jennifer all along."


"How naive! Didn't you see through her?"






(引用: DUO3.0 例文539)



「be taken in by」の意味と使い方


I'm the one to blame for being so easily taken in by the stories of the Claude.






が、クロードは相手を騙そうとはしていなかったので、「騙された」よりも「惑わされた」や「勘違いした / 誤解した」の方が文脈的には近くなります。



A to blame for B」の意味は「BはAの責任だ」で、ここでは動名詞が続いています。



be taken by の意味と使い方


似た表現に「be taken by」があります。


be taken with」の形になることもあります。






I was taken by the beauty of the scenery.





The committee was very taken with your proposals.




(引用:TAKEN WITH/BY SOMETHING - Cambridge English Dictionary



I'm quite taken by the idea of Christmas in Berlin.




(引用:be taken with/by something | ロングマン現代英英辞典でのbe taken with/by somethingの意味 | LDOCE




・「be taken in by」は「~に騙される」


・「be taken by」は「~に魅了される / 引き込まれる」


・ただし「This picture was taken by him.(この写真は彼によって撮られた)」のように別な意味になることがあるので文脈は大事