that is to say の意味と使い方



that is to say の意味と使い方


that is to say, ~」は言葉の前置きとして使われるフレーズです。









また、「that is, ~」と、to say が省略されることもあります。


意味と使い方は「in other words」とほぼ同じのため、多くの場合で置き換えることが可能です。


that is to say の例文


He's not here. That is to say, he's gone.




I lost my job, that is, I was fired.




His friends, that is to say, my son's friends, will meet us at the station.





She is the most important person at this company, that is to say, She is the company president.




Prosperity does not last forever. In other words, it will come to an end one of these days.