「the very end」の意味と使い方。「until the very end」の意味とは?




the very end の意味


the very end」の意味は「最後の最後」です。






「the very end」とは、その「end」を「very」で強調しています。



そこから、「the very end = 最後の最後」となります。




until the very end





at the very end




the very end の例文


I watched the movie until the end.





Don't give up until the very end!





I want you to do it until the very end.





We will fight until the very end of the game.





What happened at the very end?





Watch what happens at the very end of the video.





until the very end の意味と使い方

聖剣伝説3 より


…I see. H-he fulfilled his duties as the Golden Knight…until the very end…I'm sure that's what he would have want…ed…Ah!




I see. → なるほど


fulfill → (任務などを)果たす/ 遂行する


duty → 職務 / 義務


I'm sure that節 → ~だと確信している





・「the very end」の意味は「最後の最後」


・主に「until the very end(最後の最後まで)」や「at the very end(最後の最後で)」の形で文末に置かれる




また、漫画『SLAM DUNK(スラムダンク)』の有名なセリフでも使われています。